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Logo74 is an award winning web design and development firm that builds tailored user interfaces with custom functionality for organizations. We develop content management system (CMS) solutions, use research to drive design and build superior site architecture, leading to increased sales, click-throughs and high rates of conversion.

Logo74 is located in Oakland, California (San Francisco Bay Area)  and specializes in content management systems, web design, and brand identity services.  


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Crowd-Funded Oakland Public Art Project

Beautiful mural in the Fruitvale district of Oakland, CA was a crowd-funded urban renewal public art project .

Logo74 Launches New Projects

The design and development team at Logo74 has been working hard on several projects. Check out the two most recent...

Design For All Devices

Responsive web design is a design approach aimed at crafting sites with an optimal viewing experience across a range of devices.

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San Francisco Bay Area Studio

1501 37th Avenue, Suite C1
Oakland, CA 94601

t. +1 510.842.3826
e. info@logo74.com